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We're excited for your students to experience trade careers HANDS-ON!  

The SOTCExpo specifically targets high school students in 11th & 12th grades.  Our Exhibitors are industry professionals that will educate students on the best pathway into their career or their company.  In addition students will actually DO actual career functions.

Students should dress appropriately for outdoor activities and the weather.   Apparel should be casual, comfortable, safe, and allow for movement.  This is not a fashion show, it's a hands-on EXPO 😁!

Footwear:  Closed toe and low heel shoes, such as tennis shoes or boots.

Pants (not shorts):  Jeans or pants like Carhartt's or similar.

Tops:  Long or short sleeve shirts, sweatshirts (crew neck preferred).  

Event AdDress

         Seven Feathers        

   146 Chief Miwaleta Ln.    Canyonville, OR 97417

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Christie.MEACHAM@  odot.state.or.us

P:  541.957.3698

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SEPTEMBER 26, 2019

     8:30 AM - 1:00 PM       High Schools

1:15 PM - Registration  Veterans, Military, and Agency Referrals

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